Cake Pop Variety


Individual servings of moist cake flavors covered in dark or  white chocolate coating and garnished with cake crumbs, sprinkles etc.

42 pieces per inner tray / 2 inner trays per case.

Item # FS50305DSC_3205 2

Chocolate Cake Pop

Flavors include:

Chocolate Cake Pops- A rich, dense, moist chocolate cake covered with a dark chocolate coating and garnished with colorful sprinkles

Amaretto Cake Pop- Yellow crème cake dipped in Amaretto syrup, coated in white chocolate and garnished with freshly toasted almond slices

Red Velvet Cake Pops- Crème cake dipped in white chocolate and hand dusted with red velvet cake crumbs

Yellow Cake Pops- Yellow cake coated with dark chocolate garnished with red sprinkles



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