Mini Assorted Platter Kit

Our Customers call this famous assortment a  “Party in a Box!” The 120 piece Platter Kit assortment is filled with variety and decadence, sure to please all of your guests. Shown above, the variety includes, 32 mini assorted cheesecakes, Chocolate, Mocha, Keylime and Toffee; 24 Mini Assorted Fancy Pastries, German Chocolate, Hazelnut and Double Chocolate; 16 Mini Coconut Macaroons in a gold cup, drizzled with chocolate and topped with a red glazed cherry; 16 Mini cream puffs dusted with sno sugar; 16 mini eclairs with a butter custard filling, chocolate icing and white fondant decoration and 16 Mini Tartlettes in two flavors, Keylime and Chocolate Ganache finished with a rosette and chocolate diamond.

1 Kit = 120 pieces total

Item #FS50023

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