Mini Assorted Platter Kit

Our Customers call this famous assortment a  “Party in a Box!” The 120 piece Platter Kit assortment is filled with variety and decadence, sure to please all of your guests.

Shown above, the variety includes: 32 Mini Assorted Cheesecakes, Chocolate, Key lime, Choc. Chip and Toffee; 24 Mini Assorted Fancy Pastries, German Chocolate, Tiramisu; 16 Mini Coconut Macaroons in a gold cup, drizzled with chocolate and topped with a red glazed cherry; 16 Mini Cream Puffs dusted with snow sugar; 32 Mini Eclairs with a rich custard filling, layer of fudge and chocolate decorative icing.

Item #FS50023 1 Kit = 120 pieces total

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