Krazy Kake Pops

Krazy Kake Pops- Our new Krazy Kake Pops – come in a fun, “krazy” shape! Individual servings of moist cake covered in dark or white chocolate and hand garnished with colorful sprinkles or almond slices. Flavors include: Yellow, Red Velvet, Amaretto and Chocolate. You’ll go “krazy” for them!

3 Pk./42 Ct. 

Item  #FS50427

Flavors include:


A rich, dense, moist chocolate cake covered with a dark chocolate coating and garnished with white sprinkles


Yellow crème cake dipped in Amaretto syrup, coated in white Ambrosia and garnished with freshly toasted almond slices

Red Velvet

Crème cake dipped in white chocolate and hand dusted with red sprinkles


Yellow cake coated with dark chocolate garnished with colorful sprinkles

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